Helena Turns 60

For many years I have felt like I should be included in the endangered species list… but as my 60th birthday approaches, I am not quite so sure my specie was not always a rarity! In any manner, I truly believe the dreamers and visionaries…the ones who dare to break the rules and innovate…the creators, the risk takers…the pioneers…the ones who risk it all for an idea and are willing to make personal sacrifices to cross the line that most people don’t ever cross and turn a dream into reality need to be preserved and cherished because they make the world go round.

As a self-proclaimed demi-goddess I can tell you it is quite lonely in The Elysian Fields. At the beginning of my dream of Utopia most people thought I had gone mad…even many of those who love and admired me thought so. A few, as my husband Richard did, gave me their support without truly understanding my dream. Even the concept of Utopia seemed so controversial (not that controversy has ever stopped me). Is Utopia not impossible? I was told. Ah, but the magic word “impossible” is been my mantra for years. So I figured: “I will build it and they will come”…a long journey full of great obstacles perfectly fitted to a demi-goddess that one day will make a great adventure novel.

At my age most people are looking forward to retirement and slowing down. I have engaged myself in the biggest adventure of my life…hoping to turn my dream into reality and in that way prove everyone wrong! As well as creating a grand finale to an already incredible life! Quite a few people have come and seen Mangenguey…they have felt the magic and understood. I got lots of praises, compliments, great reviews, write ups—all of this great for my old ego… but not what I need right now. What I need now are many talented people willing to join me in the building of Utopia. I need an army of dreamers!

In 2005 when I envisioned Utopia I always conceived it as a collaborative effort. Building the IMPOSIBLE is a big job even for a demi-goddess like me! It is hard to keep faith in the human race especially now… so much greed, intolerance… despair. But is in these times of darkness we need to focus on bringing out the light….Mangenguey is my contribution to a new Renaissance… to a more beautiful and kind world filled with more poetry and social justice!

And that Mangenguey will remain the legacy of a woman who dared to cross the line between dream and reality.